Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there is no BRIDEZILLA

I love brides.  I am in the Bridal Industry and I have to tell you that the moniker, 'Bridezilla' is a misnomer.  I have as yet to encounter one of these rare creatures, akin to BIG FOOT, you hear that they are out there and there have been 'sightings' and folk lore describing close encounters with them, but I'll believe it when I see it.  
Weddings and the intense planning and attention to detail is an emotional roller coaster, tis true, but most of the emotion I witness is that of JOY.  These girls are at the apex of their beauty.  They are young and in Love and for the most part, HAPPY~!  It's a joyous and exciting time for them.  They are busy, they are getting gifts, they are getting everyone's full attention.  They are the 'princess' of the hour, or month or year.  They are looking forward to a wedding they have fantasized about since they were in the womb!  
I love helping these young ladies.  I love being a part of that dream and making a quality heirloom product, be it my 'Keyhole Eyelash Lace Shrug' or a special head piece fascinator or other beautiful bridal accessory.  They are so grateful for my assistance and from what I can ascertain they  are often treated with distain by some vendors that are either in the wrong business or have burn out.  
It takes a will of iron and staying up all night power in this business and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Now the 'Mother's of the Brides?'  They are another thing all together...and that is for another blog my fair readers~! I have stories that rival any 'LOCKNESS MONSTER' myth~!

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