Monday, February 27, 2012

His Feminine Side

I witnessed my grandson's father reprimand him for showing his feelings. He's 4~! He's a Baby! Is that how it starts and that early. could it be that men, like women, are innately emotional and intuitive? But at such an early age it is discouraged and often ridiculed to the point of oblivion? What if man were not to instill in their male offspring that to show emotion is somehow defective, weak and abhored. Would the world then, be a better place today? Would men and women exist on planet Earth as equals instead of residing on Venus and Mars? I wonder. The thing I love the most about my grandson is he is so open and caring. He's affectionate and shows compassion. He likes boys toys and rough housing, but he shows two sides, much like a little girl who is what we call a 'Tom boy'. Is this what all men go through, much like a circumsision but of the soul. So early it is not missed, not remembered or felt? Why can't we allow boys to develope their emotional intuitive nature?

Monday, February 20, 2012


Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as inherently wrong to sell so called 'Pre ban' Ivory? I have seen it for sale on many well meaning albeit ignorant people's sites. The fact that it is pre-ban somehow makes it okay. But the fact is, that poachers today are cunning and will offer their fresh loot as pre-ban; or before it was outlawed. I have acquired two very large carved pendants via an estate sale when I bought an entire box sight unseen of costume jewelry for $300.00. I could make some much need cash for them, but my conscience won't allow me to do it. The sale of ivory of ANY DATE, PRE=BAN or not, makes it valuable, therefore, lucrative. The ruthless poachers sell it as Pre-Ban to their unsuspecting buyers who feel justified because they think it was harvested before it became illegal to kill tusked animals and leave their slowly dying carcasses for the vultures. Those vultures I can understand, they are doing what comes naturally, instinctively. But we are of a higher mind, supposedly and can make the distinction between selfish and selfless actions. I will bury myself with these relics, they will lose their value so as not to create a demand for Ivory at all, and leave the poor animals alone~! We have man made products that can replicate ivory to look more like ivory that an elephant couldn't remember which was his~! PLEASE STOP BUYING AND SELLING IVORY OF ANY TIME PERIOD. STOP CREATING THE DEMAND FOR HIGH PRICES FOR THIS MINERAL that is valuable only to the animal that lost it's life for MAN'S GREED.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


class - defined by Webster's : informal - Elegance of style taste and manner.
I just got these as a gift from an ONLINE client.  She was appreciative of my online design consultation with her even though she opted to buy something else. (Which was serendipitous, and meant to be and I was genuinely happy for her.)  She thoughtfully wanted to compensate me for my time and told me to go to her website (see link below. my solicitation, not hers.) and pick out some Swarovski crystal jewelry.  And although her jewelry is quite beautiful I told her what I really wanted were the Swarovski crystal FLIP FLOPS!  She CUSTOM made them for me~!  I just got them in the mail,  she did all this and is getting married next week in VEGAS~! 

(Did I mention she was an ONLINE customer?)

Thank you, Edie...<3

Fool On the Hill

I am well on the way...those close to me who are trying to protect me are well intended and I am grateful for that.  I am on this inner journey and I hide my feelings by observational puns and play on words to be digested or ignored, it doesn't matter.  It is my way of ascertaining if you are really aware.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Wall of Shame

FACE - BUCK has BANNED me and says  I requested too many friends! I am BANNED from asking for  FRIENDSHIP for14 DAYS~!

...the thing is...I don't remember  requesting  ANY friends...weird

 You know where they tell you are banned and then they have you promise not to do it again and you have 3 options:

#1. Remove all friend requests
#2. Remove friend request with whom you have no mutual friends and (which is ludicrous because I generally only request people of whom I had contact through mutual friends.)
#3. Don't remove requests.

Guess which number I checked.


I make clothing. I sell my clothing online to women primarily and primarily my target market is brides.  Last year I took a leap of Faith to quit my day job and concentrate all my efforts to my online stores.  I have 3 shops on Etsy and the one I have the most customer contact is with "Alice Sioux Bridal" All last year I was selling my number one product the mesh bridal shrug and a lot of the time the girls would ask me to change the sleeve to 3/4 length.  And they loved them but would comment that the sleeves were a tad long.  Hmm  mmm.  It wasn't until I had a conversation with two brides this past Fall that I put two and two together and realized that these girls don't know their elbow from their armpit~!  So I have devised a chart.  See above chart.  Rudimentary and merely a rough draft but I am hoping to school my customers on the proper nomenclature for the different lengths for sleeves.    One woman actually told me that she quote: "Always calls 'elbow' length three quarters"~!  But if you are telling me three quarter sleeve your sleeve will land precisely between your wrist and your elbow...thus 3/4 of the length of your entire arm~~!  I even do it mathematically by their own measurements.   Another bride to be told me she wanted three quarter sleeves and then she proceeded to describe above her elbow sleeves~!  You can understand the confusion when I am conducting business entirely online and as a professional designer slash dressmaker, I will make the sleeve at the proper placement. 
So here is my chart.  I am not putting anyone down, or scolding anyone, but it is imperative for all involved to be on the same page about this.  I realize girls don't have 'Home Ecomonmics' in school anymore and 'Reading' for that matter as most of them don't so why should they know where 3/4 sleeve placement is?  After all they don't read the Fashion Magazines for their articles~!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cost of Business

I recently had my industrial machines (3 in all) looked after by my guy, Larry.  He has been coming out to my studio for 2 decades and is in his 80's now.  Although retired he will come out to work on them for me, since it gives him something to do and he has been doing it since he was a 14 year old apprentice in England.  He told me that in those days, they didn't go to college as most the families couldn't afford to send their kids and the kids were expected to work to help support the parents as there wasn't social security of any other nature.  
So like sewing is for me; tinkering with these industrial machinations, is second nature for him.  He is getting weaker and I see he is more frail as he had just come from dialysis.  I am so grateful for him and as I told him he has to stick around for another decade or so, and by that time I will be retired.  (Hopefully somewhere warm surrounded by Cabana boys~!)
When I got his bill, I was mildly taken aback as his rates had gone up double and I did not flinch because I know he is worth every penny!  And I am glad to pay it, but the truth of the matter is I almost can no longer afford to work! Prices are rising for me but no one wants to pay more for my services.  The cost of maintaining my valuable industrial machines and the energy to run them along with rising postal prices to send things out and the rising cost of supplies and fabrics is skyrocketing.  People are used to things that are mass produced in China, and at such a cut rate price that it almost doesn't pay to make anything.  It certainly is cheaper to buy something off the rack.  At one time if you wanted to save money you made your own clothes.   People are constantly negotiating me to reduce my prices and usually I relinquish, but to be honest, I have to eat too and I feel like saying, "I am the best in my field.  I am a specialist and a premier sewer.  I will custom make anything and it will fit you like no other garment you can buy off the rack.  It will be one of a kind and no one else will own one just like it.  But you want to pay Wal Mart prices for it?"  Well, forget it!  I have an education in design and I can make patterns and grade them and have been doing all this for over 30 years.  You are paying for my experience and knowledge and close customer service.  What I do is a dying art and well, it just may die, because I can no longer afford to do it and not get paid the money I charge.  I have to get A 'REAL JOB' I guess.  
But my work is more a work of art.  I put a lot of thought time and energy into what I produce.  I often only make small lots of them so they are one of a kind and unique.  I have experience to make a quality product that will stand the test of time.  I have expensive woven labels with my name on them which will most like someday be worth something when I am long gone and people are selling my vintage items on Ebay for ridiculous prices~!  ha ha.
Sorry for venting.  I just had to get that off my chest.  And get back to doing what I do best...making  beautiful things that I hope people will appreciate and treasure for years to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there is no BRIDEZILLA

I love brides.  I am in the Bridal Industry and I have to tell you that the moniker, 'Bridezilla' is a misnomer.  I have as yet to encounter one of these rare creatures, akin to BIG FOOT, you hear that they are out there and there have been 'sightings' and folk lore describing close encounters with them, but I'll believe it when I see it.  
Weddings and the intense planning and attention to detail is an emotional roller coaster, tis true, but most of the emotion I witness is that of JOY.  These girls are at the apex of their beauty.  They are young and in Love and for the most part, HAPPY~!  It's a joyous and exciting time for them.  They are busy, they are getting gifts, they are getting everyone's full attention.  They are the 'princess' of the hour, or month or year.  They are looking forward to a wedding they have fantasized about since they were in the womb!  
I love helping these young ladies.  I love being a part of that dream and making a quality heirloom product, be it my 'Keyhole Eyelash Lace Shrug' or a special head piece fascinator or other beautiful bridal accessory.  They are so grateful for my assistance and from what I can ascertain they  are often treated with distain by some vendors that are either in the wrong business or have burn out.  
It takes a will of iron and staying up all night power in this business and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Now the 'Mother's of the Brides?'  They are another thing all together...and that is for another blog my fair readers~! I have stories that rival any 'LOCKNESS MONSTER' myth~!