Saturday, February 11, 2012


class - defined by Webster's : informal - Elegance of style taste and manner.
I just got these as a gift from an ONLINE client.  She was appreciative of my online design consultation with her even though she opted to buy something else. (Which was serendipitous, and meant to be and I was genuinely happy for her.)  She thoughtfully wanted to compensate me for my time and told me to go to her website (see link below. my solicitation, not hers.) and pick out some Swarovski crystal jewelry.  And although her jewelry is quite beautiful I told her what I really wanted were the Swarovski crystal FLIP FLOPS!  She CUSTOM made them for me~!  I just got them in the mail,  she did all this and is getting married next week in VEGAS~! 

(Did I mention she was an ONLINE customer?)

Thank you, Edie...<3

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