Monday, February 27, 2012

His Feminine Side

I witnessed my grandson's father reprimand him for showing his feelings. He's 4~! He's a Baby! Is that how it starts and that early. could it be that men, like women, are innately emotional and intuitive? But at such an early age it is discouraged and often ridiculed to the point of oblivion? What if man were not to instill in their male offspring that to show emotion is somehow defective, weak and abhored. Would the world then, be a better place today? Would men and women exist on planet Earth as equals instead of residing on Venus and Mars? I wonder. The thing I love the most about my grandson is he is so open and caring. He's affectionate and shows compassion. He likes boys toys and rough housing, but he shows two sides, much like a little girl who is what we call a 'Tom boy'. Is this what all men go through, much like a circumsision but of the soul. So early it is not missed, not remembered or felt? Why can't we allow boys to develope their emotional intuitive nature?

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