Monday, February 20, 2012


Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as inherently wrong to sell so called 'Pre ban' Ivory? I have seen it for sale on many well meaning albeit ignorant people's sites. The fact that it is pre-ban somehow makes it okay. But the fact is, that poachers today are cunning and will offer their fresh loot as pre-ban; or before it was outlawed. I have acquired two very large carved pendants via an estate sale when I bought an entire box sight unseen of costume jewelry for $300.00. I could make some much need cash for them, but my conscience won't allow me to do it. The sale of ivory of ANY DATE, PRE=BAN or not, makes it valuable, therefore, lucrative. The ruthless poachers sell it as Pre-Ban to their unsuspecting buyers who feel justified because they think it was harvested before it became illegal to kill tusked animals and leave their slowly dying carcasses for the vultures. Those vultures I can understand, they are doing what comes naturally, instinctively. But we are of a higher mind, supposedly and can make the distinction between selfish and selfless actions. I will bury myself with these relics, they will lose their value so as not to create a demand for Ivory at all, and leave the poor animals alone~! We have man made products that can replicate ivory to look more like ivory that an elephant couldn't remember which was his~! PLEASE STOP BUYING AND SELLING IVORY OF ANY TIME PERIOD. STOP CREATING THE DEMAND FOR HIGH PRICES FOR THIS MINERAL that is valuable only to the animal that lost it's life for MAN'S GREED.

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